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Side Effects Of Yoga And Disadvantage 2019, Full Details. 

Side Effect Of Yoga And Disadvantage 2019 - Live In Healthy

We have always been hearing that practicing yoga benefits the body. Its regular practice is considered to be healthy for the body. But do you know that by doing yoga, the body also gets damaged? Doing this is not only physical but also mental side effects.

Yoga keeps the medicines but it also has some side effects of yoga. Which is called horoscope syndrome? You can also be victims of Horoscope Syndrome by practicing Yoga and Pranayam for too long. We want to let you know that by doing yoga, stretching in the body muscles and blood nerves.

If the practice of yoga is greater than the requirement, or if the emphasis is placed on the body's flexibility, then the body muscles are pulled. Consequently, the pain starts in that part of the body. If this problem is not taken care of during the time, then that part of your body can also be paralyzed. So let us know about the Side effects of Yoga, the side effect of yoga.

Negative effects of yoga

1. Excessive exhaustion

If you feel the need for a coffee or a nap after you do yoga? This means that you are practicing yoga more than your capacity. Excessive exercise of power yoga produces heat in the body and decreases the level of electrolytes and sodium from the body. If after doing yoga you get dizzy, feeling tired, excessive weakness or nausea, then this is a sign that you are doing too much yoga.

If this happens, leave the yoga class for a while. You will feel better breathing out in the air. Drink plenty of water, take adequate sleep and comfort and reduce the time of yoga a little.

2. Becomes A Habit

By regular practice of yoga, the body gets great benefits. Seeing these benefits some people become crazy yoga. Once you have read the habit of yoga, then you do not like to do yoga without doing it. On the day that he does not do yoga, he does not feel frustrated, he gets lazy and does not even feel his mind. This passion of the people about yoga can make them sick later on.

3. Paranoia

Yoga Side Effects So, yoga exercises have a lot of stretch in the muscles of the body. Therefore, if the emphasis is placed against the flexibility of the body more than necessary when doing yoga, the body muscles are pulled. Which leads to pain in that part of the body. If this problem is not taken care of in time, that part of the body becomes paralyzed.

4. Getting Hurt

The problem of injury is very common when doing yoga. Photos that occur during yoga include injuries to the neck, knee, and shoulder. Even muscle bursts, herniated disks, and carpal tunnels can also be seen. In some yoga postures such as Chatrang, Push-Ups, etc., the elbow is folded, so that there is a danger of widespread damage to the wrists, elbows, and shoulders in it.

5. Anger Rises

Excessive exercise of yoga increases the flow of testosterone hormones in the body. This leads to aggression in the person. And in such a situation, people get angry even at the slightest things.

6. Spiritual Illusion

Many times, going to yoga classes, people begin to give attention to some things not to improve their health. Many times, the girls start thinking of getting girls like other girls watching videos. And the benefit of this is that Yoga teacher starts lifting. That's why the yoga teachers and sex scandal get the information heard many times. Some teachers are known to abuse their power, such as touching their students and creating sexual relations.

You always remember one thing that if you work hard then you can get the benefit. It is your job to protect you. That's why nobody came in the illusion. And if you feel disrespectful about the teacher's behavior then you will not have to go to that place.

7. Eating Test Turns

There are many changes in the brain on regular yoga. Due to which eating habits also change. Often times, the Habibulose logo of Yoga has been observed that people tend to dislike non-veg and alcohol. Instead, they like to eat plain, vegetarian food. Well, this change is good for keeping the body healthy.

Top of you Side Effects of Yoga and Disadvantage Yoga does not mean bondage. Therefore, whatever you do as Yog, do as much as you do. Do not force pressure on your body. Trust yourself.

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