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Kapalbhati Pranayam Full Explanation 

What Is Kapalbhati Pranayam Full Explanation

Everyone wants to look good. When it comes to looking good, the image of a glowing face-first comes to mind. But being in a stressful environment, or because of not having the right kind of food, goes to the bright spot of the face.
People are seen using many types of beauty products to get facial beauty. It is often seen that people do not get natural beauty even after spending thousands of rupees. They get beauty from the products found in the markets, but they are only for a short time. From the top, if someone's skin is fragile, then the products that give the opposite beauty will have the opposite result on their faces.

Nothing is done by trying hard to get beauty. Redness and redness on the face should come from inside. If the best solution is for this, then that is the practice of Kapalbhati Pranayama.

The word "Kapalbhati" is from the Sanskrit language. 'Cran' means the forehead and 'Bhati' means the light. By regularly doing kapalbhati, a person's face gets sparkled and thorny. Apart from this, there are many more benefits to doing this. Find out more about here.

 Method of doing pranayama

There is no better and effective alternative than Kapalbhati to stay healthy and healthy. Kapalbhati Pranayama belongs to Hatha yoga. Darahasal Hathayoga has 6 verbs, Trataka, Neti, Kapalbhati, Dhoti, Basti and Nauli. Kapalbhati Pranayam is considered to be most effective among pranayams. Doing this practice gives a lot of benefits, let us know how to do it.

To do Kapalbhati, first sit down by laying mats.

1. For this, choose a place that is quite good and airy.

2. Sit in a comfortable position and keep your back and spinal cord straight.

3. If you want, you can sit in Vajrasana and Padmasan.

4. Now raise both your hands upwards and place them on your knees.

5. Close your eyes and leave your body loose.
After this, sit in the post of meditation.

6. Now take a deep deep breath inside.

7. Taking a breath, pulling your stomach inwards, pull your stomach in such a way that it touches the spinal cord.

8. Do it according to your ability.

Keep in mind when Doing Kapalbhati paranayam

1. When you leave loose your stomach while doing Kadalbhati prana, breathing will reach the lungs automatically.

2. While doing this exercise, you can take rest in between.

3. To complete one cycle of Kapalbhati Pranayam, take 20 times in-breath and release.

4. After doing the rest, relax and do pranayama according to your capacity.

5. By doing this asana, energy is transmitted to the body.

6. Keep in mind this exhalation is to be left out loud while doing pranayama. Try to throw the breath out with all the strength.

7. As soon as you leave your stomach loose, you start breathing.

8. Keep your full attention on the outgoing breath.

9. Do this Kapalbhati Pranayama empty stomach.

10. Kapalabhati Pranayama can be performed both by sitting and standing. The faster the speed of breathing and exhaling while doing it, the greater the benefit of the skull.

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayam 

1. Doing Kapalbhanti provides physical benefits as well as spiritual benefits.
It enhances memory power.

2. Kapalbhati Pranayam proves to be quite beneficial in the problem of depression.
Its regular practice is able to remove the disease of asthma.

3. It calms the mind and increases decision-making power. It also enhances positive thoughts.

4. Its regular practice clears the face by making the face faster and glow.

5. Kapalbhati is also very beneficial for people who have phlegm disease. This practice also removes this problem.

6. By doing kapalbhati, oxygen can reach the lungs very well. Because of this, all the diseases of the lungs are removed from the embryo.

7. It is also very helpful in keeping the lungs healthy.

8. By doing Kapalabhati Pranayama, body fat and weight are reduced very soon.

9. The problem of worm disease, acidity, and chronic mucus, etc. is overcome by doing Kapalbhati.

10. It also helps in digestion power in the human body. Why this makes a very good exercise of the stomach.

11. It is also very beneficial in the problem of weak intestines. With this, it is also able to get relief from many types of stomach diseases.

12. Regular practice of Kapalbhati Yoga will remove rheumatoid arthritis.

13. By doing Kapalbhati, heat is produced in the body which is also capable of removing colds and colds.

14. In the problem of constipation, gas, and blood, do Kapalbhati Pranayama, you will get rid of all these diseases.

15. The practice of kapalbhati is also helpful in acidity, diabetes and kidney diseases.

16. It also relieves many problems with Balo.

17. It helps in removing the problem of Anandra. At the same time, it eliminates all these problems from the root.

18. It is also helpful in the problem of hearing loss, boils and epilepsy, etc. inside the nose.

19. Along with this, it also proves beneficial in removing the problem of eyes.
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