How To Do Bhastrika Pranayam Basic Steps For Beginners 2019 - live in healthy

Bhastrika Pranayam ( Breathing Exercise )  Basic Steps For Beginners 2019

How To Do Bhastrika Pranayam Basic Steps For Beginners 2019 - live in healthy

About Bhastrika Pranayam 

The meaning of ghosts is "Dhokni". Gastric word is taken from the Sanskrit language. This pranayama practice in English is called Bellows Breathing Technique. Just as a ferrule produces heat, the process of giving up the wind with the help of a bellows, by examining the iron, removing its impurities and shaping it. In the same way, in the Bhastrika Pranayam, to remove the impurity and negativity inside the body, the air is thrown out of the strong air like "Dhokni". And at the same speed, the pure oxygen is taken inside the body.

Bhastrika Pranayam is a ram-arrow treatment to overcome vada, pitta, and cough, these diarrhea problems. It is great pranayama to remove the incomprehensibility of the body in a polluted environment at the present time. If the lungs of the human body suffer from contaminated air, dust mites and other inaccuracies, it is very beneficial to bowl.

Bhastrika Pranayam Basic Steps For Beginners 

  1. In the morning, morning time is good for doing Bhastra pranayama. By selecting a clean, flat place, the first thing should be to sit on it.
  2.  Bhastrika Pranayam can be done by sitting in Padmasana or Sudhasan. It is very important to keep your body in a stable state while doing this yoga.
  3.  Now make sure your head, throat, back, and spinal cord are straight. And while doing Bhastrika Pranayam, keep your mouth completely closed.
  4.  Now take a full breath in your pace with your nostrils. After taking the full breathing, take out full breath from one of the two nostrils pores at a speed. The speed of taking in and breathing in the breath should be intense like "blowhole" and breathing should be taken in and out completely.
  5. When the Shastras do pranayama when breathing inside and take the breath then the luff should be thrown. And when breathing out, then the lungs should shrink.

The Time Limit Of Bhastrika Pranayam

  1. The morning time is best for pranayama, but if a person does not do pranayama in the morning because of work or because of any other reason, then he can do this exercise after 5 hours after eating. Bhastrika Pranayam should always be an empty stomach
  2. When doing Bhastrika Pranayam, the time to take inhalation inside and breathing out is to keep the same time. The time to take a breath in pranayama while breathing is two and a half seconds (2.5 seconds) and the time to leave out the breath is also described as 2.5 seconds (2.5 seconds). In this way, Bhastrika Pranayam can be done 12 times in a minute.
  3.  Bhastrika Pranayam should be done at the beginning of the day for 2 minutes and should be done regularly for 5-10 minutes after the exercise is increased.
  4.  It is normal to feel tired at doing Bhastrika Pranayam in the beginning. After a week of continuous practice, a person can get the ability to do the Bhastra Pranayam for five minutes without waiting.
  5.  It is enough for a normal person to take five months in the Pranayam. But the person suffering from cancer, lung problem, patients with the muscular disease, and other acute diseases should do this for 10 minutes. (12 minutes in one minute, 10 minutes = that is, 120 grams of total)
  6.  A healthy person can take advantage of Bhastrika Prasamayam at the same time during the day. And people with severe diseases can do Bhastrika Pranayam twice a day. (After doctor's advice).

Benefits Of Bhastrika Pranayam

  1.  The mind and body get energy. There is a lot of energy in the body.
  2.  Through the continuous practice of Bhastrika Pranayam, patients of TB, cancer, asthma and other diseases are found to have miraculous improvements in health. And lungs are also strong.
  3.  The amount of oxygen in the body of the person is always balanced by practicing Bhastrika Pranayam.
  4.  Continual practice of Bhastrika Pranayam for the sufferer suffering from obesity can help reduce fat on the body and weight loss.
  5.  Doing pranayama in the chest of the body is a purification of all the nerves and the body improves the blood circulatory system.
  6.  Bhastrika Pranayam practice is helpful in strengthening digestive power. In this process, the stomach gets a good pelvic workout, so all the internal organs of the stomach get stronger.

Side Effects Of Bhastrika Pranayam

  1. The nose should be cleaned before starting the chest Pranayama. And after doing this Pranayam, after doing pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama should make the respiratory action normal.
  2.  In the summer season, Bhastrika Pranayam should be done in the morning. And in the normal cycle. (Not in faster speeds).
  3.  Pregnant women, hernia patients, cardiovascular patients, epilepsy patients, stone patients, ulcers patients, high blood pressure patients, sinus patients, brain stroke patient .... People of all these states, "do not" do Bhastrika Pranayam. For them this pranayama practice is harmful
  4.  The doctor should seek the advice of the doctor while doing Pranayam when it starts with dizziness, dizziness, vomiting, or any unusual condition.
  5. If a person is allergic to the nose or to the stomach, then he should do Bhastrika Pranayam only after consulting the doctor. If the nose bones are a teddy, or they are growing, they should also practice Bhastrika Pranayam by taking doctor's advice.

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